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DiaCon Alley

An Unofficial Harry Potter Conference

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It all started with a bunch of fans sitting around bemoaning the lack of any decent HP send-off. With the final film comes the end of the franchise and it would be highly anticlimactic if we here in the UK just let it slip by quietly. England is where it all started, after all. So, we thought, why not do something about it?

And thus, DiaCon Alley was born.

The idea behind DiaCon Alley is to provide a space for fans from all over the world to get together and celebrate the end of a truly magical era. With talks, papers, panels, special guests, movie viewings and a spectacular Victory Ball, DiaCon Alley hopes to be the best send-off Harry could have ever hoped for. We feel we owe him that much. ;)

As a con run by fans for fans, we hope to make DiaCon Alley as wonderful and enjoyable for you as it possibly can be. The films may be coming to an end, but as long as a bunch of people are willing to get together, dress in silly costumes and celebrate the adventures of the boy wizard who brought us so much joy, then the magic can never truly die.

Hope to see you there.

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